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  • What is Radiation Therapy?

    Radiation therapy refers to the treatment of diseases by means of radiation.

    • It is generally used for the treatment of cancer.
  • What is Cobalt Machine?
    • It is Teletherapy equipment which is used for the treatment of various type of cancers.
    • Here artificial radioactive substance Cobalt-60 is used which emits gamma radiation.
    • With the help of this radiation that cancer cells are destroyed.
  • Why Cobalt-60 Machine?
    • Besides Co-60 machine there are other machines, example: Linear Accelerators.
    • Linear Accelerators is also called high energy machines.
    • Among the high energy machines, Co-60 machine are the mainstay of treatments because of cost, operation and application.
    • For treatment like head, neck, esophagus which is very common side of cancer, Co-60 machine is the best.
    • Also depending on the size of the patient especially in this region, there is no need of high energy machine.
    • Linear Accelerators is a very complex machine, machine problems occurs more frequently.
    • Big centers/institutes always have Co-60 machines. They cannot solely depend only on Linear Accelerators due to the above mention problems, which will often halt the treatment and consequently patient will suffer.
  • What are the Goals of Radiation Therapy?
    • Radiation therapy is an effective treatment for various types of cancers in almost any part of the body.
    • Its two main goals are,
    • To cure cancer.
    • To relieve symptoms
    • For many patients radiation is the only treatment needed.
    • About 90% of all cancer patients can be treated by radiation. The rest 10% is a combination of surgery and chemo therapy.
    • Radiation treatment is also being carried out with the combination of both surgery and chemo therapy.

    Misconception about radiation therapy

    Does Radiation therapy hurts?
    No, it is similar to X-ray (like chest x-ray etc)
    You do not get hurt.

  • How Does Radiotherapy Work?

    Although the radiation affects both cancer and normal cells, it has a greater effect on the cancer cells. Treatment aimed at cure will give the highest possible dose of radiation to the cancer area (within safe limits) to attempt to kill all the cancer cells. Sometimes smaller doses are used, where the aim is to reduce the size of a tumour and/or relieve symptoms.

  • How is My Treatment Planned?

    Every course of radiotherapy treatment is designed to suit the particular needs of the person receiving it, so you will usually be asked to make a preliminary visit to the Cancer Treatment Centre to have your course of treatment planned. The oncologist and radiographers will do this (in conjunction with x-rays and scans, using a machine called a simulator). Your skin will be marked with coloured pens to define where you will have your treatment. In addition, some minute permanent marks will be made using a special dye and a tiny pin prick.These marks will enable the radiographers to identify exactly the right area at every treatment session. If a head shell has been made for you the guidance marks will be put on the shell rather than on your skin. If you are having radiotherapy to your mouth and/or throat you will need a dental assessment at this stage as you may require some dental treatment before you start your radiotherapy.

  • How is Radiotherapy Treatment Given?

    Radiotherapy treatment is given using either a machine called cobalt, linear accelerator or, for some skin tumours, a superficial x-ray unit. To receive the radiotherapy, you will lie on a couch and be asked to remain still during the actual treatment.

    Consent: It is a legal requirement to have a signed Consent Form from you before the start of your radiotherapy treatment. If you have already been given one of these forms by the oncologist who first advised radiotherapy, please bring the completed form with you when you come for your first appointment. If you have not already been given a form , this will be dealt with at your first appointment.


Do's and Don’ts

  • Drink plenty of fluids every day during treatment.
  • Wash , shower or bath as normal during treatment using a simple or baby soap, taking care to pat dry the area being treated, rather than rubbing it.
  • Don't put creams or deodorants on the treated area as these may worsen your skin reaction.


  • What is Radiation Therapy?
  • What is Cobalt Machine?
  • Why Cobalt-60 Machine?
  • What are the Goals of Radiation Therapy?
  • How Does Radiotherapy Work?


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