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Oncology Ward, Civil Hospital Shillong

Oncology Ward, Civil Hospital Shillong:

  • Indoor facility is available with 34 beds. For Male patients there are 22 beds, for Female patients there are 12 beds and we plan to increase to 60 beds.
  • The Indoor facility of Oncology Department was shifted to the DAE-Civil Hospital Cancer Wing building on the 10th December 2021.The beds strength was increased from 34 beds to 43 beds.
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Do's and Don’ts

  • Drink plenty of fluids every day during treatment.
  • Wash , shower or bath as normal during treatment using a simple or baby soap, taking care to pat dry the area being treated, rather than rubbing it.
  • Don't put creams or deodorants on the treated area as these may worsen your skin reaction.


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