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Welcome to State Cancer Society of Meghalaya

My most favorite message regarding Cancer education is "Catch Cancer before it catches you". As you go through on our articles, you will agree with me. But first thing first as mentioned above Cancer sounds dreadful, what we do are not aware of is that 80% of Cancer can be cured, if detection early, treated properly cured completely. More people are educated now, informations can be obtained, Health Care is improving, there is a great possibility of achieving 80% cure rate, equally importance, 50% of Cancer can be prevented. Cancer can be prevented, meaning thereby, that a person is who at high risk of getting Cancer, that person can get away with out suffering from Cancer if that person knows, that some of his life-style are Cancer prone and that person changes one’s life-style. Let me give one very simple example. It is know that the chewing of Beetle nut and Beetle leaves with or without tobacco causes Cancer. Knowingly or unknowingly the person goes to a doctor for a white patch developed on his cheek; the doctor told him to stop eating of Beetle nut and Beetle leaf and tobacco, if the person stopped he has avoided developing of Cancer on his cheek. Because it is known that a white patch on the mouth is a warning sign of Cancer if you allow that to continue for another 10-15 years.

There are many simple ways, where we can follow and reduce Cancer unto 50%. We will try our best to bring to you, all you need to know about Cancer. Get an edge over Cancer; you will be all the wiser.

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Do's and Don’ts

  • Drink plenty of fluids every day during treatment.
  • Wash , shower or bath as normal during treatment using a simple or baby soap, taking care to pat dry the area being treated, rather than rubbing it.
  • Don't put creams or deodorants on the treated area as these may worsen your skin reaction.


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